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My Fandom Knowledge
This is a list to help people know what they should request of me. I not only get a lot of requests for things I have never had any exposure to but I also get people commenting on some of my obscure stuff saying they actually really love it. This will hopefully streamline requests so people will stop wasting time asking for things I don't know about and possibly help other ideas seem more feasible.
Push Ctrl+F if you're looking for something specific, this'll get long over time.
-Naruto Kept up with it until the middle of Shippuden. Understand the main plot points up to the end.
-One Piece: I keep up to date with this series and ready the new chapters weekly.
-Bleach: Tried to get into it but never really did, know the story up until Aizen is revealed to be a villain.
-DragonBall: Never really got into it, I understand the basics and know most of the characters. I'm also familiar with the major arcs up to Buu Saga
Original: Familiar with the entire thingGX: Fami
:iconflashkill455:flashkill455 2 15
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Journal History

So now that Win or Lose Arena Season 1 is near its finale I thought it would be a good time to open up the doors for the next set. I thought I'd open it up early for the diligent people who watch me and read my crappy journals.

This time around I'm going with a fantasy theme as those are probably my favorite types of cap to write. The setting isn't entirely set in stone yet but I do know that this time around you won't 'accumulate' the defeated as it just gets cluttered in the last few rounds. I do want everyone to know that this time around while I will do my best to stick to 'first come, first served' I'm not going to live by it. 

This time around I want a more varied set of characters. So if 3 people give me a noble thief but one of them has a magic slingshot or something to make them stand out from the crowd I'll likely pick them.

I don't have a hard list of things to include in your character but here are the things I would expect.
-Fighting Style
-Weapons, Tools, Items
-Small background
-Wish (I'm thinking the prize for winning would be granting a wish to the winner, so what is your character trying to get by winning?)

This is only the first time I'm asking, later I'll let some groups and whatnot know about it. So if you missed the last WOLA or just really want to try again let me know your character below.

And just to be clear my fantasy caps can sometimes get lewd and even kind of dark. So don't give me a character you would hate to see defiled in some way.

(Also to any writers out there I'm holding an unrelated caption collab. Let me know if you're interested.)


I'm doing a Caption Collaboration with anyone who's interested. Its pretty open to what kind of cap you want to do and you can use any type of image or even no image if you'd like.

Let me know if you're interested in taking part.
I read  a lot of Marvel comics but am caught up n everything I read. Any suggestions, particularly for ongoing runs?

I'm currently reading:
Moon Knight
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Ghost Rider
Infamous Iron Man
Squirrel Girl
and not Marvel but the Street Fighter Comic
Question about my Tome Series

I'm torn on what to do with it. I know people like it and I do to. I just don't really know where to go with it. I almost feel like this plotline with the Reset Spell and the Magic Curse isn't going anywhere. I kind of want to restart but at the same time I really do like a lot of the caps I've already done for it. A big issue is that I feel like I didn't flesh Tome out enough as a character before setting out so I feel a little aimless with where I'm taking him.

Do people want him to just keep TG'ing character of the week in random ways or do you want to see actual plot?

Basically let me know anything about Tome. What you like. What you Don't. Hopes for the future. Favorite Caps in the series. Would you like a less OP ability? Anything at all to help me figure out what to do with him and the series.
Can everyone tell me why they like Shantae?

I've played and beaten all 4 games including the original GBA and I still dont get it. Yeah the character designs are cute, the animation is pretty good and the music is good most of the time... But I mean its just so BASIC. It doesn't do anything interesting and it doesnt do anything it does have particularly well. Gameplay wise its just a bore.
If anyone needs to contact me right away for some reason try me on Discord. My tag is #8794


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Why'd you stop updating your blog?
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It's kind of a pain to do. I was having a hard time uploading new pics there after the Wordpress update. Every time I try again it won't even let me post. A few months ago I tried to post a notice that people can find me on Dev nowadays with no pics but it still wouldn't let me.

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Sera-fuku Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016
Thanks for the watch~ if you let me know what sort of things you enjoyed, I'll take it into consideration for future submissions ^^

Ooh captions too! I always wondered if I should do both drawings and captions. ^^
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Student Writer
Well I saw the Ash pic you did in a group so thats how I found you. I'm more of a traditional TG fan so stuff like the Ash pic and Link Fairy Mask pic are what I'm looking for. I also like your Miltank TFs because you keep some elements of their human form, they dont just become generic Miltanks.

A lot of your little stories below the image are pretty creative. So if you made some of them a little longer I think you'd pretty good capper. So yeah I think it'd be cool to see you do some caps.
Sera-fuku Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Got it! Yes I like to keep some of those aspects otherwise it would just be the same miltank XD

Thank you! I keep those short because there's a pic for it, but if I were capping I'd definitely make them longer. ^^
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Student Writer
Ah yeah, I realize that. I was just saying you seem to be a good writer from those snippets. 
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