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So now that Win or Lose Arena Season 1 is near its finale I thought it would be a good time to open up the doors for the next set. I thought I'd open it up early for the diligent people who watch me and read my crappy journals.

This time around I'm going with a fantasy theme as those are probably my favorite types of cap to write. The setting isn't entirely set in stone yet but I do know that this time around you won't 'accumulate' the defeated as it just gets cluttered in the last few rounds. I do want everyone to know that this time around while I will do my best to stick to 'first come, first served' I'm not going to live by it. 

This time around I want a more varied set of characters. So if 3 people give me a noble thief but one of them has a magic slingshot or something to make them stand out from the crowd I'll likely pick them.

I don't have a hard list of things to include in your character but here are the things I would expect.
-Fighting Style
-Weapons, Tools, Items
-Small background
-Wish (I'm thinking the prize for winning would be granting a wish to the winner, so what is your character trying to get by winning?)

This is only the first time I'm asking, later I'll let some groups and whatnot know about it. So if you missed the last WOLA or just really want to try again let me know your character below.

And just to be clear my fantasy caps can sometimes get lewd and even kind of dark. So don't give me a character you would hate to see defiled in some way.

(Also to any writers out there I'm holding an unrelated caption collab. Let me know if you're interested.)
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HiddenM-Captions Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
-Name:  Devon Blackwater

-Fighting Style:  Not one to use physical force, Devon utilizes a unique brand of magic which uses music and sound to harness latent energy around him.  So long has he has the appropriately enchanted tools at his disposal the crafty mage can influence the passage of time in his vicinity and send shock waves through the air, all in time with the musical passage he chooses to perform.  For instance, a piece played adagio, slow and thoughtful, allows him to more easily dodge enemies by briefly slowing time.  Or Devon could utilize a few staccato notes on his instrument to send a flurry of small percussive blasts at his opponent.

-Weapons, Tools, Items:  Devon carries two cases on his back which contain his violin and lute, the wood on both engraved with ancient runes uncovered by his family centuries ago.  It is with this magical enhancement he is able to utilize magic at all, as he has no innate magical ability of his own.   A large advantage of using these instruments in combat is the fact that they seem to keep their tune and have excellent tone, allowing him to earn money as a singer and player in the towns he passes through.  Devon carries with him a small dagger on his side, for use when his instruments are not readily available.

-Small background:  Devon comes from noble birth, his family having a keep in the northern part of the realm.  There he was taught, both in the learned arts and in combat.   Though he never particularly excelled as a swordsman or an archer, he did find that he took to the family's brand of magic straight away.  Music and song was his passion, allowing him to convey emotion and ideas in ways he had not fully understood before becoming a player.   It was this passion that made fighting with his enchanted instruments come so naturally, as he channeled his raw emotion into every note.   However, he had no interest in the sedentary life of a lord.  Leaving his father's keep, he began to journey the land to learn what new musics exist in the far reaches of the realm.    Perhaps after having satisfied curiosity he would return back home, bringing whatever treasures he had found along the way back with him.

Devon is certainly debonair, never having any problems finding a woman to hang onto his arm.  Generally altruistic, the man isn't afraid to divert his attention from whatever task is in front of him in order to assist someone in need.  The realm was full of dangers, both natural and man made.  A song to lighten someone's spirit or to save someone's hide could go a long way, especially when one never knows when they could use their own help.

-Appearance:  Devon is a comely, blonde haired man in his late twenties, his dashing smile often winning strangers over.  He oft wears a white tunic and golden vest, the later being emblazoned with a small silhouette of a lute on the right breast.  His family's sigil can also be found on the oaken cases which he wears on his back.

-Wish:  Devon's only desire would be to obtain an instrument fit for the gods, enchanted like those of his family, with which he could experiment and develop new music for the realm.  It would not only provide a new method of developing art, but it would also strengthen his ability to invoke magical arts.  After all, the effects of his magic are more powerful the more beautifully he plays.
Brachma Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
Name: Brachma the Noble Barbarian

Fighting Style: Sheer force, primarily. The blows of Brachma land with incredible force and he's tough to put down.

-A large buster sword engraved with magical runes with the ability to influence opponents (an affect which increases with each landed blow), formal dress attire, golden pocketwatch

Lord Brachma, fifth of his name is unlike many other of his caste. What distinguishes Brachma is the utter rage contained beneath the fine fabrics of nobility. While exceedingly rich, Brachma finds noble life dreadfully boring and often leaves his estate to join street fighting brackets. While many might mistake him for an unlearned savage, Brachma is actually quite well educated. While he is by no means the smartest man in the room, the behemoth is a fair bit more intellgent than the average ruffian. Brachma is renowned across the land he owns for personally dispatching an orcish camp in nothing but dinnerwear. For these extraordinary deeds, a runewright thought it correct to gift him a runic greatsword with the ability to influence his enemies unpredictably.

Outside of combat, Brachma wears a cerulean noble jacket and finely woven pants. When combat begins, he *is* still wearing that, though a large amount of it is tattered on the floor.

Brachma wishes to expand his family's influence and decides to wish for additional land to be granted to his crest.
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Student Writer
Sounds like me...
Brachma Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
msflurker Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student General Artist
I'm between a few ideas, so should I list them all and let you pick one or just choose an idea?
My ideas were basically an apprentice mage, a rogue cleric, and a hyper competitive monk.
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Writer
Theres no rush on these so take your time deciding. Also your Collab idea sounds hilarious
charoset Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
Stage Name: Alfonso the Magisterial(Alfred Machstofer)

Fighting Style: Coincidental. He could never fathom why someone would want to fight him and just believes it is a prank after accidentally entering the WoLA. Annoyed by hecklers, he just practices his magic act on them and is the type to not even realize he was in a fight by the time it is over, mistaking some aggressors as willing participants.

Weapons: An indestructible chopstick with magic runes carved into it. He dyed it in black tar to make it look more impressive, not knowing it can actually cast magic.

Small Background: A con artist since birth, he just likes to entertain people with simple tricks, but also has to pretend to be a grand Mage to make a living. Always moving from place to place before the townspeople realize he is a phony, he one day gets given a magical chopstick from a wise monk who realizes that he'll never realize its power and that evildoers would think to look for a magical item off a clearly fake mage. Of course, after years of tricking people, Alfonso doesn't believe in real magic and rights off anything mystical he sees as either a trick or the result of a heavy night of drinking. He is certain that magic acts are all fake and when he starts doing real magic, believes that his assistants are just doing a very good job behind the scenes. He has two assistants that help him out, although he could always use some more help and he is completely oblivious to the feelings and situations around him whether in love or in battle. He is a fine fellow, but not noble and cares about his own skin more than anyone else's besides his two assistants who are two mutes he picked up on his travels.

Appearance:he wears an elaborate getup of a black on the outside, red on the inside cape with gold trimmings and a black tunic underneath.

Wish: To have a magic show he wouldn't need to worry about paying for that people from around the country could come and see, but since he entered accidentally, he might also ask to understand what the hell is going on around him.
TheMightFenek Featured By Owner Edited Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-Name: Guy Emberose, Knight and Mercenary

-Appearance: Guy has 20 years, many would describe his looks as "fabulous", his features are delicate like some sort of prince from stories. His haird is long and wavy, also deep red, a characteristic of the Emberose family. He tries to keep the image of a noble, despite being peniless, often trying to make his armor more impressive than it is by constantly polishing it, and making sure to always wear a clean white cape. 

-Small background: 20 years ago the Emberose family used to be one of the most prestigied noble houses of the kingdom, until they lost their lands and their good name, disgraced in the eyes of the King. Despite his noble birth, Guy inherited his family's debt and is penniless as a result, fact that makes him sour and drive all of his actions. He is very pround of the name Emberose, and tries extremely hard to keep the image of being a gentleman and heroic knight, to hide the fact that he is basicaly poor. He works as a mercenary, despite seeing this sort of activity as bellow him, hoping that some day he will get all the money that he needs to take back his lands, and marry a women of high class. 

While at first impretion Guy can be seem as a jerk...deep down he has a hearth of a...jerk. He is the kind of person that wouldn't do a good deed without getting anything back in return, often using his good looks to charm youg women and fool people. His main virtude might be that he is resentless, he will never stop or back down from any line of thought, and wont let obstacles get on his way, which often can lead to catastrophic results. Some of his worst traits might include his smug and cocky attittude, his disdain for lower classes and vanity. He has a disdain for mages, for they not engage in battle like a real man, instead using dirty tricks to fool people. 

-Fighting Style: Knight, often fights mounted, but doesn't fear to fight on foot, even if he finds it less glorious. 

-Weapons, Tools, Items: Guy has acess to the sword of his family, Hellfang, that is able to burst into flames, its their only precious item left, when fighting mounted he uses a regular lance. Apart from this, his armor is a second hand regular armor, that he makes sure to be always polished, and an old battle horse. The fact that many of the lowborn mercenary captains are wealthier than he is galls him to no end, and he won't exitate to let one of his allies have "an accident" in the middle of the battle to put his hands on some magical weapon that they might be carring. 

-Wish: Guy's main objective, that never for a single moment left his mind, is bringing fame and power back to the name of the Emberoses, attittude that was instilled on him since his infancy by his dad. If he had a wish, he would ask for the lands of his family back, along with a high class marriage, and he sure would have loved the opportunity of seeing the Riverfalls - the noble house that is currently ocupying the Emberose lands - at his mercy. 
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
-Name: Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon
-Fighting Style: Limalama
-Weapons, Tools, Items: knives, stick weapons for stick techniques
-Small background: She was abducted from her parents as a baby and converted into a vampire. Years later, her "mother" told her the truth and so she parted ways, never to meet the vampiress that stole her from her parents again. She got herself a new home and adopted a Honduran white bat pup, who turned out to be a nagual, and named her Lilith. She also joined up with her brother, sister, and mother (who is a succubus). Her dad's dead. I can give you the long version if you want.
-Appearance:… (vampire girl at the end)
-Wish: To restore Lilith's ancestral home (a Lenca kingdom).
goldwyn11 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2017
Awesome, dnd is the best :D

My friends and I are playing a tg/tf dnd game with a whole bunch of homebrew stuff, it's great :D

If I can enter "me" again I will, if not I can change my name/appearance ^^

-Name: Gold

-Fighting Style: An alchemist that tries to avoid direct confrontation. If pressed he'll throw out a barrage of specialty bombs, though he'd prefer to resolve any pending conflicts with "underhanded" methods, like drugging water or tricking his opponent.

-Weapons, Tools, Items: As an alchemist Gold doesn't do much hand to hand fighting though he keeps a decent enough dagger on himself. It finds it's usage mainly to cut off leaves when gathering ingredients for potions. Gold brews lots of potions, some far less standard than healing potions. He's found a way to mix them into bombs creating a kind of smokey blast that sprays anyone near the bomb blast with the potion inside. He created healing bombs as a joke but they seem to sell well enough.

-Small background: As a child Gold always enjoyed messing with people. As he grew and learned of various potions that could be used to prank people Gold naturally felt inclined to up his game. Self studying on how potions are made, Gold was more than willing to test his experimental concoctions on anyone he deemed the most hilarious to use it on. His first success turned a local arrogant hunter into a sexy bunnygirl. He eventually made a career out of it, mainly selling healing items and antidotes as he mostly kept the more fun stuff for himself. He's not afraid to dungeon delve to gather new ingredients and create new types of potions, though he does his best to avoid conflict with monsters and isn't above running away from a disadvantageous situation. His parents seem to be all right with his choices, since he's making a decent living. They may just be turning a blind eye to his less than proper motivations though.

-Appearance: Standing proudly tall at 5 feet, 7 inches, Gold has short, poofy brown hair that stands straight up on his head along with a pair of glasses. He keeps his scruff mostly under control, and wears light robes suited for trekking in forests. He keeps a very large backpack with himself at all times. It's full to the brim with ingredients and brewing equipment.

-Wish: To be able to create any type of potion he can imagine out of anything else. Being able to stir some dirt up and create a maidifying potion, or a common leaf into an obedience potion, Gold will quickly go off the deep end of the TFing pool with this ability. Entire nations should beware.
mushrambo714 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trapmeister Hoberax

-Fighting Style: A wizard who spends his days loading typical dungeon traps (pit traps filled with feminization oil, arrow sets, hidden walls, et cetera) into specially designed spell cards.  He can force his opponents to go through gauntlets by throwing down said spell cards.
-Weapons, Tools, Items: His spell cards, preloaded with magic.  He can use them to reshape the environment to his favor.
-Small background: Kicked out of the wizard college for misuse of magic, Hoberax decided that he really wanted to be the ruler of his very own demesne.  He threw himself into dungeoneering, learning from the best on the ins-and-outs of cruel and unusual traps
-Appearance: Red headed and freckled, but also slightly on the plump side.  Thick spectacles adorn his face.  He tries to be cool by wearing enchanted clothing, but it increases the impression that he's a tryhard rather then the real deal
-Wish: He wants to become the master of a trap filled domain, and defeat heroes and steal their artifacts by luring them to said domain
Un-Artistic Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Name: Prince Augustus Rudolphus Cornelius XXXII
Fighting Style: Fencing
Weapons: Ancestral Magic Sword, Magic Amulet given by Royal Wizard
Small Background: Prince Augustus Rudolphus Cornelius XXXII (or Prince August for short) is the prince of a small kingdom. He is the heir apparent despite having an older sister. He has no desire to actually become king though and spends his days adventuring in search of magic artifacts. Prince August also secretly desires to be a woman so even if he fails this quest and gets turned into a woman he will still be very happy with the results.
Appearance: Short golden blond hair neatly done, brilliant blue eyes that sparkle like fresh water and a fancy set of armor whose primary color is pink. He has a very effeminate appearance but his short hair and armor prevent people from thinking he's a girl.
Wish: For him and his sister to switch bodies. Since he has no desire to be king while his older sister has always been frustrated that their father refuses to see her as an heir and plans to marry her off to another kingdom when she has trained herself to run a kingdom and not be a trophy wife. He gets to be the woman he's always known himself to be and his sister gets to rule the kingdom.
feather--weather Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Not gonna drop anyone this time because most of my fantady OCs are ladies, but I would be interested in collabs!
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
Female characters are fine for this event.
TheMightFenek Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I sugest twins?
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
You can although they would have to be pretty good for me to keep them since I imagine that would make caps harder.
StateOfD-E-B Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Here we go!

-Name: Imbustros, the Equalizer. (Real name: Gavin McDilty)

-Fighting Style: He's a general tank, armored up and slow, but also extremely strong. He kind of has to be, seeing as how his signature weapon is a massive, steam engine propelled hammer. It's not a subtle fighting style, no sir. Buuuuut it gets the job done. He's also really great at crafting, due to his background as a blacksmith.

-Weapons: The pre-stated hammer, named Polaris, after one of Gavin's old teachers. Not only is it massive and blunt, being able to fell trees in one swing, but it also has a few other uses. In just a few seconds, the head can transform into a double-edged ax, sacrificing blunt force for a faster swing and actual cutting prowess. Speaking of swinging, that hammers engine means all of his swings are backed by a literal engine speeding them up. And following Newton's law, F=ma. The head can also be used for transportational means, the head becoming like rotors instead. Kind of like a helicopter staff. With the engines help, Gavin can achieve lift quite quickly, even with all the heavy armor on him. Also yeah, he has armor. AND, He has a decent amount of skill with terrakinesis. Nothing too major, but he can use rocks and boulders to his advantage, along with some ground shaking moves (aka: hitting the floor really hard). 

-Small Background: Gavin was born a half-elf, with his father being a well-known barbarian lord, his mother being a regular elven woman. (Whether elves in your universe are angered by the fact that she married a regular human is true or not, I'll leave up to you. Elves are notorious for that sorta thing.) The area he came from was once the smithing capital of the lands. Gavin took to the trade very well, learning how to forge many valuable items. He was just about done with his training when news spread of the country being under political turmoil. Long story short, the land collapsed into civil war. It was mainly between those who used magic and those who used technology, but there were many more reasons as to why this had happened. When the fight got too close to home, seeing as how he embodied both magic and tech in his background, he fought back, forging the hammer that would become his main weapon in the process. Having enough of this, Gavin took up the name "Imbustros the Equalizer", and set off on his quest to restore his lands to their former if only he knew what he had to do to actually achieve that goal.

-Appearance: Very, VERY tall guy. At least 6'7''. He doesn't exactly have rippling muscles or anything, but he is at least strong enough to wield the hammer he built. Wears Bronze colored pauldrons, arm guards, torso armor, and metal boots. That's actually the extent of his armor. The rest of what he wears is average cloth, whatever you think would work best under armor. Main color motifs are bronze and silver. He also has really shaggy brown hair that connects to his fully grown beard. Along with bushy eyebrows that almost make it impossible to see his eyes. Also slightly pointy elf ears.

-Wish: To be able to bring together his homeland under his rule. And for the wisdom to rule it as great king would. He wants to be able to do good for his land, and he wishes to not be corrupted by power when he does so. Generally speaking, Gavin is an amicable guy, easy to talk to, and tends to be a sort of justice oriented kind of person. 

Anything at all you want me to change, I'll be on it.
DMS1319 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2017
Hmm. I have a somewhat unconventional idea.

Name: Nali the accidental demon lord
Fighting Style: When scared or angry (which never happens unless he's protecting somebody from "bad guys"), Nali can fire blasts of corrupting demonic energy at his target. It's usually not done intentionally, and Nali usually doesn't know he did it. He has a similar aura around him, which can affect anybody he hugs quickly, or has slight physical contact (like holding hands) slowly. Nali is very durable so most of his fights go: Somebody picks a fight, Nali gets hit a few times, Nali runs away, Nali gets chased and cornered, Nali closes his eyes in fear and tries to ward off the opponent, Nali fires blast, opponent is transformed.

-Items: A little stuffed cat (or whatever you can find a picture of instead) that Nali hugs to himself, It is so saturated with demonic energy at this point that anybody else holding it is likely to cause instant transformation. Nali HATES losing it though, so only those trying to bully him ever mess with it.

-Shortish Background: In her youth, a young woman named Sara Halan was captured during a raid on her village by a dark mage. The mage was an experimenter, and was interested in the different types of human transformations that could be made. In one of his less well thought out plans, the mage brought forth a dark god, and made him impregnate Nali's mother. This proved to be his undoing, as the magical aura of the god could be felt for miles and every knights order came running. The mage was defeated, and all of his prisoners freed.  Sara returned to her village and surviving family. After a few months though, she became noticeably pregnant. The child's aura inside her was also having an effect on her, and she was slowly growing horns, and even a tail. When she overheard her family talking about killing her and her child, she abandoned her last name and fled.

Sara gave birth to Nali in a woods distant from her village. Further demonification had given her wings and incredible strength so she was able to provide food and build a small hut. Despite the horrible experiences she had been through, Sara was a kind woman, and didn't take out her sadness on her child. She raised Nali with love and care. Once, when Nali admitted to her he was lonely, she snuck into a passing merchants caravan and stole a plushie for him, leaving a few of the remaining coins she had as payment. Eventually however, word spread of a monster woman in the woods, and Templar came to investigate. Not wanting her child to be put in danger or exposed to violence, Sara faced the templar and emerged victorious, but mortally wounded. She returned to Nali, and told him that it wasn't safe here anymore. She told him that she loved him, and that while he'd be alone for a while, he'd one day find somebody to love, and would love him back. Then she died in front of him.

Nali, a twelve year old boy now wanders the world, never staying in one place for long. He knows nothing of why his mother died, or anything about demons and discrimination. He is a very kind and innocent child, always wiling to help others. He doesn't understand why people are sometimes mean to him, or why they try to hurt him, but he believes in his mothers final words and stays friendly, looking for that special person. He often tries to befriend others and is very fond of hugging and holding hands. What he doesn't understand is that his fathers powers are still a part of him. He is very strong, durable and surrounded by a demonic aura. Any person hit by a direct blast, or in physical contact with him for too long is transformed into a demon loyal to him. Since Nali is desperate for his special person and misses his mother, his victims always end up as female demons or succubi with their original personality intact, but loyal to Nali. These demons can also transform others, and Nali usually leaves behind the villages he visits as demonic strongholds. The demons waiting for their master to one day return so they can serve him and spread his influence. It should be noted that, no matter the church's propaganda, darkness doesn't equal evil, and the the transformed mostly continue their previous lives while he is away, still happily living with their wives and children. Woo betide anybody who tries to purge them however, as they are always quickly incorporated into the village. Nali, unaware of all this, usually moves on in a day or two, seeking both that promised love, and a way to bring his mother back.

Appearance: Nali is appearance wise mostly just a young boy. He is short, has red hair, and green eyes. Growing up with only his mother has made him fairly feminine however, and one could mistake him for a girl if one didn't look closely. The only indication he is not human are two small horn nubs on his head, and his pointed ears.

Wish: To find his loved one, bring his mother back and for them all to live together again.
DMS1319 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2017
Oh, I do feel the need to cover some additional points. (That I can't put in my previous comment because Deviantart has an idiotic max edit policy.)

- The demon transformations done by Nali's underlings are also always into female demons/succubi. This can be explained by the fact that they're channeling Nali's power, but really it's for the sake of tg.

-None of Nali's demon underlings are actually attracted to him. His mother was into girls, and since he's accidentally turning everybody into variations of her, they're the same ( I also don't really like the idea of Nali splitting up happy couples). This is why he keeps moving around and doesn't end up with the first village girl who's nice to him, it always becomes platonic friendship. It's a comedic, albeit somewhat depressing, irony that it is impossible for Nali to actually find his special somebody unless they are immune to his aura, it is removed, or he becomes a girl. Thus the person tging Nali in this arena is kind of doing him a favor. 

- A transformed person retains their original personality and mind with three alterations. One the aforementioned obligatory female focused sexuality. Two, they are comfortable with their current form, and around other demons. Three, they are loyal, even grateful to Nali for their transformation, and wish to share their new lives with those they care about.

- Female demons are capable of impregnating each other. This isn't because they all secretly have dingly-dongs or anything. Just call it fantasy magic that allows a species of yuri females to actually be able to reproduce without having to kidnap human males.

- I would like demons to not be a species originally present in this world, and all of them to be Nali made. That seems a lot to ask though, especially if somebody else makes a demon character. So call them a different species or type if you prefer.

Btw, if this character is to innocent or too complicated for this, then I can make another one if you prefer.
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
Holy Crap. Thats quite the profile youve done up. Do you write or roleplay or something? Your submissions are always so fleshed out. It is probably good that you switched as I dont know if I could incorporate all of that. It sounds more like he needs his own series of caps or even a TG comic.
DMS1319 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2017
I don't really roleplay, but I read A LOT (and write with some friends a little), and after a certain point you kinda learn the character quirks and traits to make them more dimensional, doesn't mean I'm any good at writing dialogue for them though.You're right, he's kind of complicated at this point and he lends himself FAR better to being a series protagonist rather than a random transformation target.
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flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
This sounds sort of like the fantasy equivalent of Napalm.
DMS1319 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2017
Yeah, I threw him together way to quickly. Give me a bit to think and I'll come up with something more interesting. The problem I've kind of hit is that the losers in the arena are transformed to the theme of the winner, which means it's hard to set up a character you want to lose. Plan for a snake theme and they could end up a playboy bunny. On the other hand, it's random, so you can't really write a detailed character you wanted to win.

This guy was supposed to be a falling angel that destroys himself on his path to power. That is kind of like Napalm, I grant you, but it's a good archtype because they're both quirky and fun to see fail. 

How soon is this starting? I'll think of something better.
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student Writer
Like I said in the journal this is just an early collection for the super diligent and interested. The original win or lose was very generic with its TGs. The Arena did have people conforming to to the winner especially in a few cases. This one however will probably be different. Unless someone specifically gives their character a TG power then the transformation isn't reliant on them.
DMS1319 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2017
Alright better idea.

Name: Ash

Fighting style: a spellsword (a sword fighter that lacks defense, but makes up for it in both ability to cast magic, and high skill with a sword) Summoning: Ash has access to a VERY large storage magic, that can house objects, monsters and people. Ash's primary role is that of a monster tamer, and once tamed he collects them in storage. He's able to bring out any kind of monster for any situation.

Tools: The Rapier of Taming +2, the monster food bag of quick taming, His cloak is actually a camouflaged slime that can jump anybody who gets to close.

Backstory: Ash used to be a merchants son who traveled with his fathers caravan around the world. Along the way he saw many types of monsters, and learned all about their strengths, weaknesses and quirks. His father gave him a pet slime, Bubbles, when he was 6, and it's been with him ever since. When Ash turned 15, he was on a walk in a major city when he met Selene, a beautiful woman with a graceful and mysterious air. He spent days meeting with her and going on dates with her, but had to move on with his fathers caravan when they left. He told Selene that he'd become a great wealthy warrior and come back for her one day. Upon turning 18, Ash set out to become both a master of swordfighting, and acquire as many different monsters as possible. Which is exactly what Selene wanted, as she'd hypnotized him down that road. Selene is a disguised Naga, wishing to have an army of monsters under her command so that she can create her own monster kingdom. Ash is the 5th such individual she's set on this task. Only Bubbles knows the truth, and since she can't speak, she's very quietly and slowly trying to remove the hypnotism any way she can. it's ultimately futile however. As long as Ash has feelings for Selene and no other, her hypnotism will hold complete control, and it's not like Ash is going to meet any other women while hunting monsters, right?

Appearance: A very pretty boy. He kind of looks like Tamaki from ouran high school host club. But he has far less experience with girls, and thinks himself to have a completely bland, if not ugly appearance.

Wish: Ash's wish, that Selene loves him (he's slightly insecure) and will marry him. Bubbles wish: to be a real girl and that Ash will love her.

I think this'll be my final choice. He's far more interesting than Aerganiaron, but not so tragic as to be painful to see him lose. His wins will make monster girls, which was a large part of the intention behind Nali. Maybe fuse him with Selene into a slime girl if he loses? It'd make her happy at the least. Also, I couldn't resist the joke with the name, but if it's really a problem it can change.
Name: Caflice Latton
Fighting Style: conventional spear use, as well as staff use, if a less lethal approach is desired
Weapons, Tools, Items: Wulfgar (a spear with freezing powers. Even a miss will be terribly chilling for an opponent, and a direct hit can freeze vital organs), light leather armor, a knapsack of healing herbs and remedies, several feet of rope
Background: Caflice was born and raised in a barbarian society, but in his adolescence, they were conquered, and his parents were killed in the fighting. With no options, he signed on and became a town guard within the empire. He distinguished himself enough given his talent with a spear that eventually a noble recruited him as an estate guard. Caflice, still hating the empire for the deaths of his parents, played the part of a loyal guard until he had a chance to kill the noble in his sleep and stole his magic spear, for a better weapon. He fled for areas unknown, but that empire's influence always expands, and he fears the presence of assassins wherever he goes.
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Appearance: Caflice stands at 5'10", with strong although not particularly bulky muscles. His unkempt hair is a darker shade of red, and he has a short beard. He has green eyes.
Wish: Freedom for those under the thumb of the empire that subjugated his people.
joenomrc Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Writer
Name: Joseph Watson
Fighting Style: Kick Boxing
Weapons: Brass Knuckles that catch fire or turn super cold, plus let him shoot fire balls or ice shards at people
Background: Joseph Watson was a normal guy until he found these magic relics that resembled brass knuckles. He's super intelligent and tries not to rely on the knuckles in a fight, but will use them in a last resort.
Appearance: Average height, average build, blue eyes, really dark brown hair. Wears a dark grey button up shirt, black dress pants, a black fedora and black dress shoes.
Wish: To be the most intelligent person in the world
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
Can you alter him to be high fantasy? Like D&D and the sort. 

I'm also curious if you'd be interested in taking part in the caption/short story collab me and a bunch of people are doing.
joenomrc Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
Okay....Umm, gauntlets instead of brass knuckles, make the name Jozef the Mind, and a black cloak instead of the regular outfit
StateOfD-E-B Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Quick Q:
Can things like steampunk work with your fantasy idea? I'm thinkin' of using someone I've drawn before...If not, I'll alter whatever I need to, it's no big deal.
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Writer
Steampunk weapons, limbs, tools and even something like a Dwarven mech suit would be fine. As long as the character themselves isn't a Victorian era gentleman or lady.
StateOfD-E-B Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Noice. I'll post my entry in a lil' bit as soon as I'm done.
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